Mrs.Dallas UA 2012 Dilshad Dayani


Dr. Dilshad Dayani is a broadcast journalist, motivational speaker, author,  leadership trainer and a social impact strategist.She is the President and Founder of World Women Global Council.Her overarching services for more than two decades include media advocacy for gender development, cultural competency, and leadership training through resource and asset building partnerships. She has used different modalities to convey her message of building human capital by collaborating media and civil societies and government agencies.Her nationally run empowering radio talk show and TV productions have served thousands and have created proactive interventions. She has won several accolades for her dedicated work in culturally relevant media.

As a Producer, Host, Consultant, and an Activist she has designed research based broadcasting modules to serve as lifelong learning tools. She continues to advocate using intervention and coaching expertise to help women and families from various cultures. As immigrants face transitional challenges, Dilshad steps up to provide advocacy on women’s issues and brings thought provoking and debatable topics which enlighten, educate and entertain listeners. She has served as program coordinator for the State Department guests from around the world. She believes in innovative networking and resource capitalization. She has served on several boards including NPR and KERA as a community adviser. Her work has been cited in several newspapers and national media sources.

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